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Adaptive Sports Group Detail

Blaze Sports 
U.S. Disabled Athletes Fund, Inc.

Atlanta, GA

BlazeSports America’s mission is to empower children and adults with physical disabilities worldwide through sport, health enhancement, and the promotion of universal human rights.

Core Values

BlazeSports America and its programs are guided by the following set of core values:

  • Integrity: We act with integrity and steadfast adherence to ethical standards with the people we serve, the decisions we make, and the communities we support.
  • Excellence: We strive for excellence by promoting superior performance through self-evaluation, accountability, personal discipline, creativity, and a passion for learning.
  • Empowerment: We tenaciously pursue individual and collective empowerment of persons with disability and disenfranchised youth through advocacy, visibility, the prevention of chronic illness, and the active pursuit of human rights.
  • Innovation We value and encourage original thought, fresh ideas, dynamic programming, and evidence-based inspiration.
  • Teamwork: We pursue a vision of teamwork that incorporates mutual respect, humor, rigor, and communication while building synergy and increasing the effectiveness of all involved.
  • Stewardship: We embrace the responsibility for being good stewards of all resources entrusted to our care and ensuring the sustainability of the organization and programs we provide.


  • To provide sport, recreation and physical activity opportunities for people with physical disability in sport comparable to those provided non-disabled, nationally and internationally.
  • To foster character development, productive lives, healthy lifestyles and self-sufficiency for people with physical disability through sport.
  • To use cutting-edge training, distance learning opportunities, and fresh ideas as a vehicle to build the capacity of local service providers.
  • To build positive perceptions of people with physical disability.
  • To promote peace building, human rights and equity through sport.

Phone: 770-850-8199
Email:info [at] blazesports [dot] com

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