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Adaptive Sports Group Detail

Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana
 Sports Program 

Indianapolis, IN

Our goal is to provide an evolving program which adds new clinics and services each year.

The Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana Sports Program (RHISP) serves hundreds of people who participate in an array of recreational and competitive activities. Our sports programs are always evolving with new sports and activities each year.

From beep baseball to wheelchair racing, quad rugby, and wheelchair basketball, whatever your physical disability, RHISP offers sports opportunities for you. Our Mission: to provide competitive and non-competitive athletic opportunities to individuals with physical disabilities to enhance quality of life, promote physical fitness, introduce recreational and wheelchair sports and challenge participants to perform at a competitive Level.

Phone: 317-329-2000 / Fax: 317-329-2104
Email: rhisp [at] rhin [dot] com

Category: Snowsports, Competitive sports, recreational sports, water sports, on the water sports, racing and outdoor sports