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Adaptive Sports Group Detail

Cannonsburg Challenged Ski Association 

Rockford, MI

Cannonsburg Challenged Ski Association provides volunteer training and ski instruction for individuals with disabilities.

Each year, Cannonsburg Challenged Ski Association (CCSA) provides lessons and the use of adaptive downhill ski equipment to people with disabilities in West Michigan at the Cannonsburg Ski Area. We are a non-profit (501C3) corporation, a chapter of Disabled Sports USA, and completely staffed by unpaid volunteers.

By developing the unique abilities of each skier, we foster a level of self confidence that carries over into other aspects of life. Participants learn to do things they thought were impossible. And if that’s the case, we’ve done our job!

Contact: Craig Wallace
Phone: 616-335-9869 / Fax: 616-874-8581
ski_ccsa [at] hotmail [dot] com

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