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Adaptive Sports Group Detail

West Michigan Adaptive Diving

Zeeland, MI

Our mission is to provide the highest of quality in professionalism, SCUBA training, equipment, support and service. Our goal is to produce competent, self-assured, and well-trained divers – disables and able-bodied alike.

SCUBA diving is a cooperative recreational activity and not a competitive sport. It is a learning process in which students with and without disabilities interact together. It integrates people with disabilities into the diving community with those who are able-bodied and knowledgeable in procedures used with divers who may need assistance.

The Adaptive Diving program originated seven years ago when Tim Marr of Altek Sport and SCUBA in Zeeland, MI and Paul Kuiper of Holland, MI joined efforts to create an Adaptive program in the West Michigan area.

West Michigan Adaptive Diving is a non-profit organization which organizes diving sessions at local venues.


Email: adaptivediving [at] gmail [dot] com
Phone 616-772-0088

Group Description: scuba diving