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Three Wheelchair-Based Adaptive Sports

June 6, 2013

The world of adaptive sports is expansive and constantly evolving.  The limits of possibility seem to equal the imagination and strength of will of the individual athletes and participants involved.

Below is a list of 3 adaptive sports that individuals can participate in utilizing an adaptive wheelchair:

3.) Golf – Golf is a popular recreational sport that people typically play to enjoy the great outdoors, in a friendly social setting. Individuals with physical disability are not restricted from playing. In fact, special equipment is used to give individuals with a physical disability the same advantage as anyone else.  This is achieved through a modification of a golf cart that acts very much like a typical wheelchair.


2.) Basketball – Fast paced and high energy, basketball is a fun sport for individuals who enjoy team-work and aren’t shy of a little competition.  Basketball is one of the most popular sports for individuals whom are wheelchair mobile because in most cases all one needs is a slightly modified wheelchair (wheels tilted to increase quick immediate turns) and the desire to play.


1.)  Hand cycling – What better way to experience the freedom of mobility on the road, than through hand-cycling?  Individuals with physical limitation can easily transition to a modified hand-cycle, utilizing their upper body strength to propel over pavement.


The list of adaptive sports involving wheelchair-based equipment certainly exceeds the three we have listed here.  

What other wheelchair-based adaptive sports come to mind to those of you participating or spectating?

We would love to view your feedback in the comments section below and / or via the Make A Hero Facebook page.  Thanks in advance for keeping the conversation alive!

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  • jay puppo May 20, 2017 

    Ooooh, I like that FlightMemory site. I’d like to know how far I’ve flown and for how long! I’m going to have a hell of a time remembering the details of all my flights though. Like when did I fly to Spain? No idea!

  • I love colours! That’s why I love beads, I guess! But, strangely, my current project is not very colourful. They must become extinct in the future. LOL.

  • Tory Jan 10, 2017 

    Stay with this guys, you’re henilpg a lot of people.


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