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The HERO Gallery – Adaptive Sports Videos

Make A Hero produces videos and media content of amazing heroes with disabilities overcoming limitation through adaptive sports. 

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Jesse Murphree

Colorado native, Jesse Murphree, is a true American Hero. While serving in the US Army in Afghanistan, Jesse suffered a traumatic explosion that nearly ended his life. After more than 55 surgeries and losing his legs, he won the Denver Radio Station, KBCO contest for Make A Hero and was reintroduced to the sport of skiing, one of his ultimate passions. Join Jesse on the American Veteran Team!

Anthony Robles

A true inspiration on the mountain! 2011 ESPY Jimmy V Award and the Best Male Athlete with a Disability winner, NCAA Wrestling National Champion, Anthony Robles, born with one leg, experiences skiing for the first time. Join Anthony on Team Unstoppable!

Allyson and Nick

This is a story about Nick Deyo and Allyson Tyler who both were born without the ability to walk. They were introduced to the freedom of horseback riding through the Courage Center Riders program out of Stillwater, MN. Their love for horses is contagious and they love caring for the horses as much as they like to ride them.

Josh Sorvik

Accomplished alpine skier and mountain biker Josh Sorvik became paralyzed in a freak accident. Josh rediscovered his freedom for movement paddling on the water in his sea kayak. Josh is also an active hand cyclist and is attending graduate school at the University of Minnesota, Duluth.

Scott Anderson

Scott Anderson is an accomplished sailor who lives near the shores of Lake Superior. He suffered a gunshot wound to his spine as a teenager and found his love for sailing in his adult years as a way to enjoy the beauty and feeling of movement on the water.

Alex Zanardi*

Formula One Champion, Alex Zanardi is going for gold in the 2012 Paralympic Games as a hand cyclist. After losing both legs in a horrific car crash in 2001 Alex was back at the wheel of a BMW Touring Car two years later and soon after turned his attention to hand cycling. *Produced by Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.