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The Story of Make A Hero


Make A Hero 501(c)3 was founded in 2011 by director / producer Kurt Miller, son of legendary ski-film pioneer, Warren Miller.

Kurt set to carry out his vision for Make A Hero, with the mission of creating films that inspire individuals with disabilities to enjoy the freedom of adaptive sports and recreation; in turn, helping local adaptive sports groups gain national recognition and additional funding for their work.

Rick Finkelstein, 'The Movement'

Rick Finkelstein, ‘The Movement’

Make A Hero’s first adaptive sports film, ’The Movement: One Man Joins An Uprising’ – narrated by Robert Redford & Warren Miller – tells the story of five individuals with disabilities all of whom have faced various obstacles, yet developed an incredible will to overcome their struggles, through participation in adaptive winter sports.

‘The Movement’ has been accepted into 20+ film festivals, including Sundance, nominated for 7 Maverick Movie Awards, and has won 5 awards to date. 

Kurt says his inspiration to develop Make A Hero was influenced through years of adaptive sports segments featured in Warren Miller films.

Children, adults, seniors and veterans — hundreds of millions of people worldwide — live with some degree of physical or cognitive impairment.

Though advances in medical science have improved life-saving techniques, millions continue to live with lifelong physical and cognitive impairments; demand is ever rising for rehabilitation through participation in adaptive sports and recreation.

Like his father, Kurt wants to move people to action through inspirational stories of individuals who seek to experience freedom through sports and recreation.

Jesse Murphree Scuba Diving in Cozumel, Mexico during production of ‘The Current’.

With the Winter 2014 debut of ‘The Current: Explore the Healing Power of the Ocean’ (2014) Make A Hero continues to produce films that grow awareness for adaptive athletes and the organizations that support the adaptive sports they love. 

Working to set in motion a principle of “heroes making heroes”, Make A Hero is a 501(c)3 non-profit that hosts fundraising campaigns in order to offer unique life improving experiences to adaptive athletes, veterans and everyday heroes within the community.

Current fundraising campaigns: 

Funding for Make A Hero (MAH) is provided through generous donor support, as well as business partnerships.

Make A Hero films can also be utilized as a fundraising platform through Make A Hero’s Host A Benefit Screening program, which positively impacts the bottom line of adaptive sports groups and other non-profits, across the US.



*** Make A Hero is a registered 501(c)3, non-profit, creating adaptive sports films and media content, inspiring individuals with disabilities to enjoy the freedom of participation in adaptive sports & recreation.

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