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Top 7 Most Inspirational Quotes from Our Heroes

June 6, 2013

Make A Hero is inspired by adaptive sports, celebrity ambassadors, and everyday heroes who motivate themselves and others around them in the pursuit of freedom beyond physical limitation; they are the bonding force behind what we do here at Make A Hero.

Here are seven quotes guaranteed to inspire:

7.) “Our movement started with the word never.  ‘You’ll never walk again … You’ll never see … You’ll never live to age five.’ Never?  Our heroes refused to accept that word.” – Robert Redford (Tweet Quote on Twitter)

6.) I love Scuba diving because there is no rush, no competition, no limitations. On the surface I’m limited to my chair and every daily task takes awhile, but in the ocean I am free to move at my own pace, in any direction I want, without limitations.” – Dave Hosick, C7 Quadriplegic Dive Master (Tweet Quote on Twitter)

5.) “Make A Hero is the first multidisciplinary organization focused entirely on an international commitment to maximize the impact of adaptive sports on the physical health of individuals with disabilities.” – Warren Miller (Tweet Quote on Twitter)

4.) “With life-changing events such as spinal cord injury, brain injury, stroke, and amputation, come immense challenges. Especially with regard to transportation and socialization, adaptive sports programs provide one of the most compelling and effective solutions.” – University of Utah Health Sciences Center (Tweet Quote on Twitter)

3.) These organizations are right in our communities—where we live, work, and play. Fundraising is a big part of every day for these programs: support them that and they can get out there and help people.” – Chris Waddell, 13-Time Paralympic medalist (Tweet Quote on Twitter)

2.) “The ocean is our life support system wherever you live…People with disabilities who haven’t had a chance to get into the ocean, to get below the surface, to see some of what I see, and to teach me about what they see, is something that I wish that everyone who can get out there, should. Being in the water, feeling the water, being in that environment is healing as well.” – Jean-Michel Cousteau (Tweet Quote on Twitter)

1.) “I’ve always thought of the body as a circle. If you take a piece away, then you develop other capabilities. Eventually the circle becomes whole again. And that’s when you’ve joined the movement.” – Warren Miller (Tweet Quote on Twitter)

What is your favorite inspirational quote – one that might motivate someone else to take action, or to stick with the progress they’re already making?  

Inspirational quotes can come from any source. Please post your favorite inspirational quote in the comment section below and / or via the Make A Hero Facebook Page